Initial bids totaling nearly 2.5-million dollars for the expansion of River’s Edge Hospital in Saint Peter have been approved.

Collective bids for site work along with the steel and concrete components to the project came in about 7-percent under estimates.

“What was bid was just about 20-percent of the construction costs, so that’s really good,” says City Administrator Todd Prafke. “We’re encouraged by that within the marketplace, at least from a bidding perspective. We’ll know more about funding here in the next month or so.”

Construction will occur and be finalized over the next 24 to 28 months

“I think very doable. We have great assurance from our construction managers…that that’s very doable. So, we feel good about that.”

The expansion of the hospital is projected to cost around 33.8-million dollars.

Artist rending of what the new entrance will look like once the $33.8M expansion at River’s Edge Hospital is completed.