When Jeopardy star host Alex Trebek passed away this past November, he left behind a whole wardrobe of shirts and suits that he wore during his hit game show. Luckily, these outfits weren’t thrown away. Trebek’s whole suit collection was donated to an organization called The Doe Fund.

The Doe Fund’s goal is to break the cycle of “homelessness, incarceration, recidivism by providing holistic services, housing, and work opportunities.”

The organization recently posted on their Instagram account a picture of them holding some of Trebek’s famous pieces. The post was captioned, “We’re so happy to announce that the family of @jeopardy’s Alex Trebek donated his suits to the trainees in Ready, Willing & Able! Read the whole story at @insidewink.official.”

They also wrote, “We have been so floored by the Trebek family’s incredible generosity. We also understand the hardship they’re overcoming; just two weeks ago, we lost our founder and longtime president to cancer. This support is crucial to the men we serve, whom we provide the career training and work experience necessary to find steady employment but are too often in need of professional attire. We know both George and Alex are guardian angels smiling down on them today.”