An Amboy couple is facing four aggravated drug charges and eight counts of felony drug possession after a raid Tuesday by the Minnesota River Drug Task Force.


Agents say that had to forcibly enter the house after nobody answered the door, and they found 27-year-old Bridget Palmer in an upstairs bedroom. The criminal complaint shows that she immediately admitted to having meth stashed in her bra and that a meth pipe in the living room was hers. A search turned up more meth in a desk drawer and in a container on a nearby shelf.

Police picked up 37-year-old Cain Walterman, who also lives in the home, when he was seen driving through town. He had a child with him, and the child’s mother told officers when she arrived to collect the youngster that Walterman had previously shown her a hidden compartment in the bedroom closet.

A search warrant was issued and in the hidden compartment, agents found more than 150 grams of meth. Heroin was also found in the living room. Other items typically related to drug sales were also put into evidence.

Agents say they found over 160 grams of methamphetamine throughout the house, which is more than three times the first degree threshold for possession of methamphetamine, it is also nearly ten times the first-degree threshold for sale of methamphetamine. In addition, agents found nearly $2,000 in cash.

Court records show that Waltermann has three prior controlled substance convictions and Palmer has two.