This is a country that likes its cheese and its beer.  And while we’ve all got our own preferences on both . . . when you look across the entire population, lots of people are gravitating toward the same things.

Two new surveys just figured out the most popular CHEESE in the country and the most popular BEER.

Our favorite cheese is . . . cheddar.  It got 19% of the vote.  American came in second, followed by mozzarella, Swiss, and a tie between pepper jack and Colby jack.

The beer survey broke things down a little differently and found the most popular beer in every state. Now, after looking over the map I think someone messed up. Budweiser, the diesel, won Minnesota and I’ve sold beer in this town and I will tell you I sell 20 to 1, light brews to bud heavy.

Top 5 beers from my experience as beerman: Mich Light, Coors Light, Bud Light, Mankato Brewery’s Organ Grinder, and Budweiser.

But yah, number one is . . . Budweiser, which won 27 states.  Corona came in second with 19 states, and Coors and Bud Light each won two states.