The Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Board has announced the recipients of the annual Pathfinder, Young Pathfinder and Business Pathfinder Awards.

Young Pathfinder Award recipient Lauren Senden.

The Young Pathfinder Award was created to recognize the commitment of area youth as they work to achieve fair and equal treatment for all, and this year’s recipient is Lauren Senden, who said she’s proud to represent teens in the region. “We are in a special place where we are supported by our parents so we can experiment,” she said, “Don’t experiment with drugs, experiment with projects and trying new things because kindness is addicting.”

Pathfinder Award recipient Diana Joseph with the Good Thunder Reading Series at MSU – Mankato.

The Pathfinder Award recognizes individuals or organizations that are initiators in the struggle for equal treatment and human rights. This year’s recipient is Diana Joseph with the Good Thunder Reading Series at Minnesota State University – Mankato, which brings writers from diverse backgrounds to the community. “Their stories and poems enable us to cross borders into lives, perspectives, or experiences that are often times really different from our own,” she explained, “But once we’re there, their work lets us see our commonalities.”

Camille Kohler, English Language and Leadership Development Specialist for Cambria.

The Business Pathfinder Award is presented by Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. to recognize businesses that strive for equal treatment, human rights and non-violence in the workplace. This year’s recipient is Cambria – in particular, GMG CEO Jonathan Zierdt said, the company’s English language program. Zierdt said, “Cambria is acknowledging and investing in diverse populations through this very program; verbal communication is the most powerful form of acknowledgement. It demonstrates the company’s desire for their employees to succeed, professionally and personally.”

The Pathfinder Award recipients will be honored at the 34th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Celebration on Monday, January 15th at Minnesota State University, Mankato.