A maintenance man at a Mankato apartment complex is charged with trespassing after police say a woman returned to her apartment in March to find 31-year-old Kendrick Daum in her bedroom.

The victim told investigators that Daum claimed he was in the home to check on a filter, and the woman responded that the filter he was referring to was in the living room and he had no need to be in the bedroom.

The woman also told police that prescription medications had been stolen from her apartment on two previous occasions, and officers tracked down the police reports made at those times.

The manager of the complex said that Daum had clocked out more than an hour before he was found in the woman’s bedroom, and added that the filters had already been checked the previous week.

The criminal complaint shows that Daum had previously entered another apartment unannounced, claiming he was there to check light bulbs but the manager says there was no such work order for that apartment.