Ever since Coronavirus became a global pandemic, concerts have become a thing of the past. While this has yet to change, pop music icon Ariana Grande has hinted at providing us with some concert footage in the near future! In classic Ariana fashion, the star took to Twitter Monday afternoon to talk to her fans and ended up dropping some major hints at a Sweetener World Tour film. When asked by a fan for some Sweetener World Tour movie details, the singer played coy and replied simply with “no” and the sunglasses emoji. Given Ariana’s tendency to provide updates through tongue-in-cheek conversations with fans, the playful rejection has been read by many as a confirmation of the film’s existence and has excited many.

The singing sensation provided us with even more to look forward to by dropping hints regarding a new perfume line. On Monday, Ariana posted a short video on her Instagram story spraying the new perfume with the caption “name, bottle, packaging, to be revealed soon…..” (Source: Billboard). Grande also spoke further about the fragrance on Twitter, claiming that the perfume is something she has been working on “since last year” and that “it’s something i’ve actually always wanted to do for you guys”. She also claims that the new fragrance is different than her previous two fragrances and that it smells “seductive and sweet …. dreamy”. While she may not have provided any release dates, the artist is known to provide official statements soon after these kinds of hint dropping sessions on Twitter. Hopefully we will hear more about both the perfume line and Sweetener film soon!