A Mankato Democrat said a colleague attempted Tuesday to get the Minnesota House Public Safety committee to pick up two pieces of gun control legislation that were tabled at the end of February, but that attempt was not successful.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

Representative Dave Pinto is the chief author of two bills that were introduced more than 13 months ago. Representative Jack Considine is co-author, and said one would require background checks for most private gun sales because, “Polls consistently say that about 85 percent of Minnesotans want to see that happen.”

The second would allow for a restraining order to remove guns from someone in crisis and Considine said, “And it has to be credible. You just can’t come in and go, ‘That guy is in crisis.’ They have to have some reasons and then they would be asked to surrender their guns until an assessment can be done.”

Opponents argue that the proposed law could be abused, but Considine explained, “Perjury is a felony, so if somebody is going in and lying they can be charged with a felony; there is an additional thing, which is a misdemeanor, for just making a malicious report.”

Considine is chief author of a third gun-related measure he also hopes to see pass this session; it would close loopholes in the law that bans bump stocks – which make a semi-automatic gun fire shots in rapid succession, simulating automatic fire. He said, “I do not want law enforcement to walk into a firefight and discover that they are facing automatic weapons. I do not want to make it easier for somebody to get that and go off on a spree in Minnesota.”

The final deadline for the bill to be scheduled for a hearing is Thursday. Dozens of gun control advocates in attendance walked out.