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CELEBRITY TRASH: “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Is Getting a “Gritty” Reboot

By |2020-08-12T06:59:28-05:00August 12th, 2020|

WILL SMITH is developing a reboot of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" but this time he's not doing it for laughs. This version will be a lot more serious.  It's based on a phony trailer that a guy named Morgan Cooper made last year called "Bel-Air", that reimagined the show as a gritty drama. Morgan has been helping Will develop the show for about a year, and there's been interest from several streaming services, including HBO Max, Peacock, and Netflix.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD3ISIM_kU8&feature=emb_logo   SOURCE: HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

TOP TRENDING: A Dad’s Devious Hack to Get His Kids to Nap

By |2020-08-11T08:37:04-05:00August 11th, 2020|

This has been one of the top trending videos on TikTok.  It's a dad explaining his trick to get his kids to take a nap.  He plays a movie that's in Spanish, and when they don't understand it, he tells them it's because they're tired and need a nap. And when they wake up he plays that same movie in English.  He also ends the clip with a movie-villain laugh.   https://www.tiktok.com/@jeremy_littel/video/6857331531707321606   SOURCE: TIK TOK

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: A Chihuahua Saves Its Owner’s Life When He Has a Stroke

By |2020-08-11T06:24:13-05:00August 11th, 2020|

I'm pretty sure when they were casting "Lassie", they never considered a small, yelping, ankle-biting Chihuahua as the lead.  But this story proves that good dogs are good dogs, their size and breed doesn't matter. An 86-year-old Navy veteran named Rudy Armstrong lives on a houseboat in Oriental, North Carolina with his Chihuahua, Boo-Boo. Last week, Rudy had a STROKE.  And he couldn't get to his phone to call for help because he couldn't move one of his arms or legs. So he said, quote, "Okay, Boo-Boo, go get me some help."  And Boo-Boo DID.  She went running off the boat and [...]

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: A High School All-Girl Robotics Team Design Cost Effective Ventilators

By |2020-07-28T06:13:10-05:00July 28th, 2020|

Afghanistan doesn't have enough ventilators.  So an all-girl robotics team at a high school there came up with a new one that's cheap and easy to make... In the city of Herat, the Afghan Robotics Team of 7 young girls finished the design of an open-source, mobile ventilator that costs as little as $700—compared to the $20,000 needed to purchase a traditional model. The lightweight machine can be powered by batteries that can run for ten hours. They were among esteemed company, too, as their design was partially based on an MIT blueprint, and they received support and guidance from robotics experts [...]

YouTuber Creates Pirate Ship Out of Empty White Claw Cans

By |2020-07-28T06:07:09-05:00July 28th, 2020|

Taylor Hancock -- who cranks out videos on You Tube -- created a pirate ship out of empty White Claw cans and cases. The ship -- which he called the “S.S. Clawdia” -- totally worked. He spent three months putting it together using a bunch of hot glue. And then, he dressed his dogs in pirate costumes, and had them floating around in the pool.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtCzFOlKK3U&feature=emb_title

Economic Relief Program for Lemonade Stands

By |2020-07-21T06:26:21-05:00July 21st, 2020|

I need to sign my kids up for this one! Country Time Lemonade launched an economic relief program for lemonade stands that have been hurt by the pandemic.  It's called The Littlest Bailout.  You can help your kids apply for $100 in relief by filling out a form at CountryTimeBailout.com. https://youtu.be/-Ri1ojB7R-c

5 Tips for Wearing Your Face Mask This Summer

By |2020-07-10T07:23:45-05:00July 10th, 2020|

If you're worried about wearing a face mask in the summer heat, here are five tips to make it more bearable . . .   1.  Choose the right fabric.  A lighter, breathable material like cotton will keep your face cooler than a mask made from synthetic materials.   2.  Time your trips to beat the heat.  Avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day if you can.  And if you HAVE to be outside, an ice pack or damp cloth on your neck can help you cool off . . . just don't get your mask wet.   [...]

A Woman Conquers the 72-Ounce Steak Challenge

By |2020-07-06T06:31:34-05:00July 6th, 2020|

A competitive eater who goes by the name Katina Eats Kilos has gone viral after eating a 72-ounce steak.  She did it at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas . . . and you get the whole meal free if you can do it in under an hour. She had to polish off the steak, plus a baked potato, side salad, roll, and some shrimp . . . and she did it in 40 minutes and 35 seconds.  She says it was for the experience, not to set a record.   (Search for "World Famous 72 Ounce Big Texan [...]

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