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Husband Calling Contest at the Iowa State Fair!?

By |2023-01-19T08:22:06-06:00January 19th, 2023|

A video of a "husband calling contest" in 2017 has been making the rounds.  It's from the Iowa State Fair and it features the Top Five finalists. Obviously, it's all in good fun, especially because the grand prize is only $5.  Although each one does receive a ribbon.  The winning caller looks the part too . . . from her pioneer dress to her "Sunday go to church hat". @_rhinestonecowboy some good ol’ fashioned “husband calling” at the iowa state fair #iowastatefair #husbandcalling #yoohoo #idkidk #americana #fyp ♬ original sound - rhinestone cowboy

We’re Most Productive When? and Then It’s All Downhill From There

By |2023-01-18T07:37:47-06:00January 18th, 2023|

Would you say you're more productive in the morning or the afternoon?  If you said afternoon, you're an outlier.  At least according to this . . . A poll found the average office worker is most productive at 10:22 A.M., and then it's all downhill from there. We hit our first big slump at 1:27 P.M., and then another one on top of it at 2:06.  It also found we tend to feel the most drained on Mondays and Fridays. The top things that can drain us in a typical workday are too much time in front of a computer . [...]

Giving Companies a “Two-Week Notice”?

By |2023-01-17T08:07:21-06:00January 17th, 2023|

(This trending story just boiled my blood) People on TikTok are encouraging us to stop giving our bosses a "two-week notice."  When you're ready to quit, just leave with ZERO notice. Their argument is that companies don't give YOU a two-week notice when you're fired or laid off.  So why help THEM out, just so they have time to replace you. The hashtag "NoTwoWeekNotice" has been trending, and a lot of young people seem to be on board.  A few even claim they did it after the trend went viral. Is this a good point?  Or are we just getting more [...]

Putting Potatoes in Your Socks to Cure the Flu?

By |2023-01-05T08:05:27-06:00January 5th, 2023|

There's no cure for the common cold.  There's no cure for the coronavirus.  But there MIGHT be a cure for the flu . . . and it involves pressing a potato against your foot.  This is not science . . . it's TikTok. A video is going viral online, where a woman shares a flu "remedy." You take a potato, cut it in half, and then slice off two pieces.  You press the potato slices against the bottom of your feet . . . put socks over them to keep them in place . . . and remove them in the [...]

THe Most BLEEPY-BLEEP in Christmas Movies

By |2022-12-14T08:32:11-06:00December 14th, 2022|

A language tutorial site called Preply examined 60 scripts of popular holiday movies to find out which have the most cuss words.  Here are the Top 20: "Bad Santa" (2003):  255 swear words "The Ref" (1994):  86 swear words "Better Watch Out" (2016):  82 swear words "Die Hard" (1988):  77 swear words "Just Friends" (2005):  46 swear words "Black Christmas" (1974):  39 swear words "Trading Places" (1983):  37 swear words "Krampus" (2015):  37 swear words "Love Actually" (2003):  36 swear words "The Family Man" (2000):  32 swear words "Fatman" (2020):  25 swear words "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989):  23 swear words "Last Christmas" (2019):  18 swear words "Scrooged" (1988):  17 swear words "Batman Returns" (1992):  [...]

The Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

By |2022-11-29T07:05:57-06:00November 29th, 2022|

"Rolling Stone" put together a list of the 100 best TV theme songs of all time.  Here are the Top 20: "The Jeffersons" (1975 to 1985) A tie between "The Brady Bunch" (1969 to 1974) and "Gilligan's Island" (1964 to 1967) "Sanford and Son" (1972 to 1977) "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" (2015 to 2019) "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1968 to 2001) "The Twilight Zone" (1959 to 1964) "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990 to 1996) "Friends" (1994 to 2004) "The O.C." (2003 to 2007) "Too Many Cooks" (2014)  (It was a TV short on Adult Swim.) "Game of Thrones" (2011 to 2019) "Hawaii Five-O" (1968 to 1980) "Cheers" (1982 to 1993) "The Wire" (2002 to 2008) "Mission: Impossible" (1966 to [...]

Stats from Match.com’s Annual “Singles in America” Study

By |2022-11-16T08:50:51-06:00November 16th, 2022|

Match.com just put out its 12th annual "Singles in America" study on dating trends.  It's massive, but we went through and cherry-picked the best stuff we saw.  Here are a few interesting stats on dating in 2022 . . .   Dating now costs an average of $130 a month.  That includes $12 on dating app subscriptions . . . $39 on new clothes . . . $40 on your appearance and grooming habits . . . and $39 on actual in-person dating activities. Casual first dates are the way to go.  84% prefer a casual date like coffee over something [...]

BEEF @ Walmart

By |2022-11-10T08:21:55-06:00November 10th, 2022|

Have you ever heard someone say that they LITERALLY had "beef" with someone?  The grammar police might have had a problem with you . . . until THIS lady came along. A 27-year-old woman in Ohio named Maneka Gamer has pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct after getting into an altercation with a 37-year-old neighbor last year.  And they didn't just argue. Maneka was at a Walmart when she saw the neighbor, Precious Jackson.  They had a HISTORY . . . so Maneka flew into a rage and attacked Precious with the first thing she could grab . . . a [...]

Not So Secret Dinner

By |2022-11-08T11:12:46-06:00November 8th, 2022|

Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z were spotted in L.A. having dinner, but it was supposed to be a secret as the two are rumored to be creating a partnership in a bid to buy the Washington Commanders. Imagine the buying power of two billionaires combining forces! MORE WITH TMZ.

Not All Heros Wear Capes … sometimes it’s a BIB!

By |2022-11-08T07:37:09-06:00November 8th, 2022|

On Saturday, Philadelphia became the first city to lose two major sports championships on the same day . . . the World Series and the MLS Cup.  (Yes, soccer counts as a major sport.)  But there is THIS to brag about . . . Last month, a 31-year-old waiter in Philly named Alexander Tominsky challenged himself to eat 40 ROTISSERIE CHICKENS in 40 days.  And he just completed the task Sunday afternoon in front of a huge crowd of people.  (???) On October 8th, he announced his plan by tweeting out a photo of himself with a whole chicken in front of him.  At that [...]

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