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Sen. Klobuchar responds to reports of being possible Biden VP candidate

By |2020-05-26T09:38:11-05:00May 26th, 2020|

Amid reports that she's being vetted as a potential running mate for Democrat Joe Biden's presidential campaign, U-S Senator Amy Klobuchar says... "Vice President Biden was a really good vice president and he did that job with Barrack Obama for eight years, so he is going to have a really good sense of who he wants as vice president." Klobuchar says there will be rumors floating around about potential VP picks in the next few months, but it's Joe Biden who is going to make the ultimate decision who his running mate will be. Klobuchar says there are many qualified candidates [...]

MN reports highest ICU use for COVID so far

By |2020-05-26T05:26:30-05:00May 26th, 2020|

On Memorial Day Minnesota reported its highest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations so far at 605 -- and its largest number of cases in intensive care at 248. Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said Friday: "A couple of the hospitals' intensive care units are getting quite full at this stage, so important work is going on, and discussions around the community, about how best to collaborate to even out some of that I-C-U need." State officials have plans in place to outfit several alternate sites to handle overflow hospital cases if necessary. They say those locations can be activated in [...]

After Memorial Day, and every day, veterans issues put in spotlight

By |2020-05-26T05:13:26-05:00May 26th, 2020|

After starting the week remembering fallen soldiers, veterans organizations are reminding us to keep those vets still with us at the top of our minds as well. "We've got a significant increase in calls to Link Vet, a lot of different issues, some financial, but probably the biggest one being mental health right now." Minnesota Veterans Affairs Commissioner Larry Herke says veterans, or their family members, can call 1-888-LINK-VET to get help accessing a wide range of resources.

BBB warns of COVID-19 antibody scams

By |2020-05-26T05:12:04-05:00May 26th, 2020|

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning consumers of fake COVID-19 antibody tests being marketed by scammers. With studies showing that up to 50-percent of people with COVID-19 don't show any symptoms, many people are seeking antibody tests to determine if their body has already fought off the virus. "Scammers are realizing the demand for this test and creating phony websites and tests according to our BBB scam tracker." BBB spokeswoman Bao Vang says valid tests are available through healthcare providers, but the ones being marketed by scammers are not approved by the U-S FDA and [...]

COVID-19 plasma therapy trials look promising

By |2020-05-26T05:03:54-05:00May 26th, 2020|

Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 could save the lives of others by donating their plasma. CentraCare is one of over 2,000 health systems in the United States testing convalescent plasma therapy. Dawn Bauerly-Pieper is an RN and is overseeing CentraCare's plasma therapy project. Bauerly-Pieper says plasma has a long history of benefitting people fighting a variety of respiratory illnesses: "People who have recovered from COVID-19 have built up antibodies in their blood which has proteins that the body uses to fight off infections. The liquid portions of this blood are called plasma and that's what's being used to help boost [...]

Study highlights COVID-19 impact on hog farms likely to be felt across Minnesota

By |2020-05-26T05:00:20-05:00May 26th, 2020|

A new study from the University of Minnesota extension serves as a reminder of the wide-ranging impacts of farming in Minnesota. Megan Roberts is an extension business educator who says their study of the economic impact of hog farms painted a clear picture of linking the economic health of main street businesses directly to farms. "Veterinarians, our hardware stores, our feed mills, there are greater impacts beyond the farm gate if hog farms do have a reduction in economic activity." Roberts says the study found the average Minnesota hog farm generates 1-point-5 million dollars in economic activity and even just a [...]

Summer travel plans during COVID-19 Pandemic

By |2020-05-25T05:40:43-05:00May 25th, 2020|

This is likely going to be the summer of the road trips and spending time in nature. Kyle Potter is the Editor-in-Chief of the Minneapolis-based website Thrifty Traveler. He says, if you're looking for a long-distance vacation, there's no better place to social distance than in a national park: "For example, Zion which is one of the best and my absolute favorite national park out in Utah is just starting limited opening. And that one, in particular, that's my favorite trip." Potter says the National Parks are just starting to open back up again. However, before visiting a park you are [...]

USPS reminds customers to keep social distance from mail carriers

By |2020-05-25T05:27:39-05:00May 25th, 2020|

Postal workers have the day off, but mail carriers will be back at it tomorrow and the U-S Postal Service (USPS) has a reminder for customers: "I think the biggest thing is being mindful of social distancing. Our carriers and our clerks and our employees are working hard to make sure that you are continuing to receive the mail as a customer." Nicole Hill with the USPS is urging customers not to approach their postal carrier when he or she comes to deliver.

Walz administration’s plans for next steps in re-opening Minnesota

By |2020-05-25T05:25:01-05:00May 25th, 2020|

Indoor service at bars and restaurants, outdoor movies and concerts, swimming pools open -- items in the Walz administration's "next phase" for re-opening Minnesota. But Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove stresses that all depends on how the COVID pandemic plays out in the state: "No timing on this, but I know the governor wants to move as quick as we can, as it relates to these stages, so long as public health guidance is met and that we're being careful and doing this in a safe way. And we're gonna look at that data and make the right science-based [...]

Polling shows Biden with small lead over Trump among MN Voters

By |2020-05-25T07:42:37-05:00May 25th, 2020|

Polling from the Star Tribune, MPR News and KARE 11 is painting the picture of the presidential race in Minnesota with the general election less than six months away. The poll of 800 Minnesota registered voters statewide found Joe Biden with a 49 percent to 44 percent lead. That support for Biden though was heavily weighted in Hennepin and Ramsey counties where 62 percent of those surveyed supported the former VP. In greater Minnesota there was a much different story with 57 percent of Southern Minnesota voters and 56 percent of Northern Minnesota voters supporting President Trump. Biden polled at less [...]