Better Business Bureau® of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning people about a newer scam that seems to have moved into our area – a fake “pop-up” alert scam which tells computer users that adult content has been detected on their computers.

The pop-up urges the computer user to call an 877 number before closing the page or their “computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.”

The alert also says, “Financial data, Facebook Logins and credit card details are being stolen.” BBB Minnesota President Susan Adams Loyd says these alerts are not legitimate and scammers are behind them.

“This is yet another scam that operates on fear and uncertainty,” she said. “Fraudsters are counting on consumers being willing to make a payment to avoid potential embarrassment. We’re telling people not to panic and not to play into the hands of scammers, as they are very likely bluffing.”

Though these “alerts” look scary, they only become dangerous when people call the phone numbers and the BBB urges people to simply close the page – or their browser.