The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota will soon be opening an office in Mankato.

President and CEO Susan Adams Loyd said growth in the region was behind the decision. “It has been always an important community for us to serve,” she explained, “But because it’s such a happenin’ spot right now, with so many activities and industries expanding in that area, it a time for us to be there front and center.”

They’ve partnered with Minnesota State University – Mankato and the Small Business Development Center to use their spaces to support staff and events.

Loyd said many people think of the BBB when they’ve had a bad experience or believe they’ve been scammed, “After the fact, when a transaction hasn’t come down exactly the way they expected and they’re trying to find out why that might be.”

However, she stresses that the organization is a resource people can go to in order to avoid such a situation, by checking out the track record of contractors or other businesses before they sign on the dotted line.

If the name sounds familiar, Lyod said, “I used to live in Mankato, my son was born there. It’s always fun to come back. I was the first public access coordinator at CCTV; now I know it’s not called that anymore and it’s at Bethany College but that’s what brought my family to Mankato and the broadcast community really supported our endeavors there and me personally.”

Loyd was at CCTV (now KTV) from 1983 – 1987 and attended MSU-Mankato, earning her Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication in 1991.