A bill sponsored by Republican House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin to address sexual harassment in Minnesota has the support of a Mankato Democrat and many other lawmakers of both sides of the aisle.

The proposal removes language in the law that says such harassment has to be severe or pervasive to be prosecutable, lowering the bar of proof for workers across the state who believe they have been sexually harassed.

Representative Jack Considine applauded Peppin’s legislation and said, “I think she made a real good faith effort. She took a lot of things from the task force and from some of the legal counsel.”

An identical piece of legislation was introduced in the state Senate by Sen. Karin Housley.

The proposal would only affect cases filed after August first.

A closer look at sexual harassment in the state was prompted not only by the #metoo movement, but the resignations of former state Representative Tony Cornish of Vernon Center and state Senator Daon Schoen of St. Paul Park following sexual misconduct claims late last year.