With increased reports around the listening area of fake checks and phony money turning up at local businesses, Officials say advancements in technology have made the scams easier to pull off.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says the issue is only going to get worse.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott

“For example, if I’m talking to you and somebody does a voice over and it looks and hears just exactly, the technology is out there to put words into peoples mouth. Just like the technology is out there to put the tools out there so criminals are able to extort money from people.”

Adding that we are coming up on the season where there will be more reports of fly-by-night scams.

“If it’s too good to be true, chances are it’s too good to be true. In the summer time we start seeing a few more of those in the different areas.”

Property crimes last year in Blue Earth County, which include scam crimes, totaled 208. That’s an increase from 2016 when there were 115 total property crimes.

“It’s not that anything’s out of line with respect to the numbers, we haven’t had a true real spike in things. We did have a little bit of an increase in some of the property crimes and what not, but that goes in line with some of these financial issues.”

So far this year there have been 21 such crimes.