The general election is not that far away, and Blue Earth County is looking for some help.

Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger.

“We’re 70 days or less away from the election here, and we’re expecting a pretty good turn out in Blue Earth County – as the state is also expecting – so we need to add some election judges to our ranks for the general election,” explained Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger.

Election judges help in a variety of ways and Stalberger said, “We have our greeters judges who are our friendly faces as people enter the polling place; we have folks that are more attention to detail, like to make sure the ballot counts and everything balance out at the end of the night; we have folks that need to be comfortable with technology as we have our new poll pads out in our polling places in Mankato.”

The requirements? Stalberger said candidates have to be available on Election Day, November 6th, and they have to be eligible to vote. “They don’t necessarily have to vote if they choose not to, but they just need to be at least 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, not have any felony convictions or anything like that which would prevent them from serving as an election judge.”

They also work with student judges – 16-and-17-year-olds interested in learning more about the process, who can serve on election day as “trainee judges.”

The county has also introduced a new “adopt a precinct” program” for local groups and organizations and Stalberger said a coordinator will, “Train a group of judges that are with that organization, and then we place them all on election day in the same polling place. They kind of get to, like we said, adopt a precinct and staff that on election day.”

A few hours of training is required to become certified. More information is available on the Blue Earth County website.