With a growing demand for Human Resource Management Services in Mankato and Blue Earth County, the two entities have agreed on expanding services.

County Commissioners approved a staffing change to appoint Laura Elvebak to serve as Deputy Director and will supervise the Blue Earth County Human Resources Staff. The change also includes an increase in hours that the County receives from the City of Mankato, according to Blue Earth County Administrator Bob Meyer.

Blue Earth County Administrator, Bob Meyer.

“We’ve added a lot of staff over the last few years. The public labor law is getting more and more complex. So, we are really feeling like there’s a need for some additional human resources within that department to help the rest of the county departments kind of manage that human element.”

Meyer adds the change is clearly related to the areas population growth and policy changes at the state level.

“It’s really adding the two extra days of on-site review, having a deputy director position gives us a little more element of authority or resource available to us. We still access some of the additional director level position at the city. It’s been a great partnership that we’ve enjoyed with the City of Mankato, this is just taking to another level based on really that need that we have here in the County.”

The changes will go into effect on Sunday and will result in an annual increase of 60-thousand 335 dollars in the partnership agreement fee. The prorated increase for this year is just over 30-thousand dollars.