The Blue Earth County Public Works Department is keeping a close eye in the rain gauge.

County Engineer Ryan Thilges.

Director Ryan Thilges said the up to six inches that fell Monday into Tuesday morning has caused a work stoppage on several road construction projects for, “At least probably a week on all of our projects. The time is really going to be hard to tell what the impacts are going to be until we see how those sites dry out.”

At the Rapidan Dam, Thilges said flows are under 2,000 cubic feet per second and the majority of the surge from the storms Monday seems to have passed. However, with another three to five inches of rain possible Tuesday afternoon and evening he explained, “If we get all of the rain that is forecasted in the near future, we’ll be pushing 8,000-10,000 cubic feet per second of flow over the dam.”

If the flow does reach 10,000 feet per second, Thilges said they would declare a “code yellow” which would mean the closure of the Rapidan Dam County Park and campground.

So far Thilges said they have not identified any infrastructure damage caused by the rainfall, “However, with flash flooding, it will be inevitable that you will have washouts and things of that nature that will require repair.”