Blue Earth County is investing in a new Tax System that will cost a total of 1.6-million dollars over the next three years for services and software that Officials say will lead to savings due to functional efficiencies.

Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger says the public will see the greatest benefit from the new tax system.

Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger.

“They’ll be able to receive all of that information, still in a very nice concise format. Then it’s also gonna really benefit our staff. We can look at our processes that we currently have in place and we can change those to make them more efficient. Then we will also have efficiencies built into the system because right now we operate in multiple programs. We will be in one program and we’ll be able to just have everything kind of be in one source document.”

The current property tax and assessment systems will be replaced with products from Tyler Technologies. The current system has a yearly licensing renewal fee of 70-thousand dollars, but will jump to 200-thousand dollars a year for the following two years after the new system is up and a running.

Blue Earth County will be the sixth county in Minnesota to implement the tax software and service from the company.

“The counties that are already implemented, Olmstead County, Dakota County, Crow Wing County, those are all some really good partners that we’ve started to build relationships with. So we know that we can rely on them, we know that we have a system that’s already been proven in Minnesota. Then we’re really kind of looking forward to being that first real rural agricultural county that we can bring in some of that functionality and get it the way that’s going to work really well for us.”

Tyler Technologies will begin implementing and transferring data in early 2019, with the goal of going live with the new system in July of 2021.