Blue Earth County has updated one of its most vital, hundreds of pages document. Emergency Management Director Mike Maurer said the county’s emergency management plan is vital in responding to responding to natural disasters and other emergencies and is just one step in keeping people safe.

“We put on an event every year, we have exercises every year.”

He said the document provides a plan for emergency response to many different scenarios and, “We’ve got plans for everything but you have to be prepared for what really happens. I can plan for a tornado but I can tell you we better be prepared for a lot of different things that go with it.”

Again using a tornado as an example, Maurer said the plan sets the right people and proposed responses in place, but each such event can play out differently. “I can not tell you how much I have prepared for what’s going to happen that we can’t plan for because you don’t know the path, you don’t know what’s going to be affected,” he explained.

The plan is updated regularly to reflect changes in contact persons and other information. Maurer said it’s not published because of both the scope of the huge document but also because it includes private contact information of dozens of people responsible for emergency response.