Over the past year, Minnesota has gained nearly 60-thousand jobs, a two-percent growth rate.

While four of the state’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas are adding jobs at a pretty good clip, state job analyst Steve Hine says there is one area that is struggling.

“Quite surprisingly I think considering what’s going on down there its been Rochester. Rochester is up a little over 400 jobs, 0.3 percent. But Duluth, St. Cloud and Mankato and of course the Twin Cities do continue to show robust growth over the past year.”

Minnesota’s unemployment rate is at three-percent well below the national jobless rate of 3.9.



Minneapolis-St. Paul – 43,595/2.2 percent growth rate

Duluth-Superior – 1,964/1.4 percent growth rate

Rochester – 424/0.3 percent growth rate

St. Cloud – 2,068/1.9 percent growth rate

Mankato – 3,808/6.9 percent growth rate