Most of us know the feeling of looking at a wedding registry and seeing if there’s an option to SORT BY PRICE.  Look, we all love our friends . . . but why do we have to buy them a $900 vacuum?

Well, be thankful that you don’t know THIS bride.

A woman posted a gift list on Facebook, which was packed with luxury items, including:  “Gucci or Louis Vuitton purses . . . new floor tiles for the entire house . . . a new car . . . any ‘HIGH CLASS’ paintings or decorations . . . $400 in cash . . .

“$400 or more gift cards to the following places:  ‘Fifth Sak’s Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Whole Foods, Sprouts, [and] maybe even JCPenney’ . . . and ‘any KitchenMaid appliances over $350.'”

She said guests MUST pick off this list, or “consult her first,” and added, quote, “There are no exceptions . . . I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400.”  She said she’ll “accept slightly lower amounts,” but you have to ask her first.