Camila Cabello is launching a new project with Movement Voter Fund to launch Healing Justice Project. The project focuses on giving frontline activists access and help to getting mental health support. The “Havana” singer has matched all of the fundraising that has been done which is currently over $250,000.


The ten initial organizations will receive grants that will cover six months’ worth of mental healthcare for activists. Cabello was inspired to start the project based on two conversations that she had. The first one was with a California surgeon about the “toxic stress” that she was enduring. On the other hand, the other conversation came from activists who wanted to speak about racial reconciliation.


Recently, Cabello told the Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years, and especially this past year home during the pandemic, in constant reflection, learning and exploring the ways I have contributed to systems and beliefs that actively oppress others.”


In addition to the money raised for the charities, Cabello plans to use her platform to educate others on wellness practices and to normalize mental healing.