Blue Earth County officials are in full election mode as the candidate filing period begins Tuesday and runs through June 5.

Director of Taxpayer Services Michael Stalberger says the most important reminder is that candidates need to file in their county or city of residence.

“We do have to have that affidavit either signed in front of us or it has to be notarized if somebody is completing the form outside of our elections office. It does cost money to file for office unless somebody’s going to go through the petition process to have that fee waived. They also just need to make sure that they meet the requirements for filing for those offices.”

Stalberger adds that there will be a lot on the ballot when voters head to the polls on November 6.

“Blue Earth County does handle all of the filings for the City of Mankato and so we are aware of what offices will be on the ballot. That’s the mayor’s position and also Wards 1, 3 and 5 for the City of Mankato. At the County level, we have two commissioners on the ballot, that would be commissioner district 1 and district 2. Those are both on what we would call kind of the south ends of Mankato. Then also this is our year to have the Sherrif and the County Attorney on the ballot.”

Voters will also decide on a new Governor, Secretary of State and local House Representatives in 2018.

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