Minnesota receives failing grades in annual “State of Tobacco Control” report

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Minnesota received a failing grade in ending the sale of all flavored commercial tobacco products in this year’s American Lung Association 21st annual “State of Tobacco Control” report. Spokeswoman Pat McKone: "Especially as we have this increase in youth vaping this is really an important strategy that we know will  impact the use of these products." Minnesota also received a failing grade when it came to funding state tobacco prevention programs. McKone said we received an "A" in the strength of smoke-free workplace laws and coverage and access to services to quit tobacco. When it came to the level of state [...]

Biden Administration Withdraws Thousands Of Acres Near BWCA From Mineral Leasing

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(Duluth, MN) -- Environmental and sportspeople groups in Minnesota are applauding the Biden administration's decision to withdraw nearly a quarter million acres adjacent to the B-W-C-A Wilderness from mineral leasing.  U-S Interior Secretary Deb Haaland says it's key to the health of the watershed and wildlife, tribal treaty responsibilities, and the local recreation economy.  The long-stalled Twin Metals mine is planned for that area near Ely. Spokeswoman Kathy Graul says the company is "deeply disappointed and stunned" by the decision -- and the region has "one of the world's largest deposits of critical minerals that are vital in meeting our nation's [...]

Authorities release names of McLeod County deputies shot by suspect in Winsted

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(Winsted, MN)  --  The McLeod County Sheriff's Office has released the names of two deputies hit by gunfire in Winsted Monday.  Investigators say Deputies Darrell Caturia and Angie Malz had a no-knock warrant to arrest a suspect for felony child pornography but he refused to let them into the residence.  He reportedly told his daughter that "he was not going to go to jail" and family members told law enforcement the man had weapons and about 100 rounds of ammunition.  The deputies were eventually able to enter the residence but both were struck by gunfire and taken to the hospital where [...]

House Passes “Clean Energy” Bill

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(St. Paul, MN) --  The Democrat-controlled Minnesota House passed a "clean energy" bill last night (Thurs) to set a goal of 100 percent carbon-neutral energy from Minnesota utilities by 2040.  Republican Chris Swedzinski from Ghent warns families will be hit with an annual electric bill increase of 16 hundred dollars, plus businesses will pass *their* cost increases on to customers. House Democratic Majority Leader Jamie Long responded by saying "For those who are looking for affordable energy, good news:  Renewable energy is the cheapest energy that you can buy.  Wind energy is the cheapest on the system and solar will be [...]

Republicans Warn Governor Walz’s Infrastructure Bill Will Impact Taxpayers

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(St. Paul, MN) --  Top Republicans warn Governor Tim Walz's 3.3-billion-dollar infrastructure proposal will put a "huge" debt load on taxpayers.  Governor Walz recommends 900 million dollars of the budget surplus be used to pay cash for public works projects -- but House Capital Investment Committee Chair Fue (FOO) Lee says the number should be more than double that -- two billion dollars.  And unlike bonding dollars, Democrats could pass it without Republicans' help.  G-O-P Senator Karin (CAR-in) Housley from Stillwater says Democrats doing it that way would be "an abuse of their one-party control" and "a terrible disservice to the [...]

Jury Convicts man of murdering Minneapolis North High School quarterback Deshaun Hill Jr.

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(Minneapolis, MN)  --  A Hennepin County jury has convicted a homeless man originally from Cloquet of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Minneapolis North High School quarterback Deshaun Hill Junior nearly a year ago.  Jurors reportedly took only a few minutes of deliberations to reach their verdict.  30-year-old Cody Fohrenkam was scouting a North Minneapolis neighborhood for a thief who stole his cell phone at knifepoint earlier that morning when he randomly crossed paths with 15-year-old Hill, who was going to a bus stop.  Investigators say Fohrenkam shot Hill when the victim's back was turned and he was walking away.

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