Grants Help Bring Ag Literacy to Minnesota Classrooms

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The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2023 Agricultural Literacy Grants, which are designed to support agriculture and food systems education efforts from kindergarten to high school across the state. A total of 17 projects received grants of up to $500 each to help educators provide students the opportunity to experience agriculture in a cross-curricular manner. Topics that will be explored through this year’s projects include locally grown foods, agricultural careers, community gardens, and more. MAITC is a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the MAITC Foundation that seeks to increase [...]

New Report Shows Population Growth in Greater Minnesota

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For the first in many years, the population in greater Minnesota has grown.  The Center for Rural Policy and Development's annual State of Rural Minnesota Report shows in 2020 and 2021 the decades-long trend of population loss in rural counties was reversed.  President and CEO Julie Tesch says the gains were modest and were mainly in three key areas including the lakes regions: "So Brainerd Lakes anywhere in like Northern Minnesota, and then also in kind of our regional centers so like a Moorhead, Duluth, and then Mankato, and then our third place we found population increasing is where we have [...]

Energy Saving Tips

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Centerpoint Energy is asking its customers to lower their thermostats if possible to 65 degrees during the day while at home -- and down to 60 degrees when away from home or asleep.  The utility's Ross Corson emphasizes there's no shortage of natural gas -- but extreme cold in large sections of Minnesota has increased demand: "And we just want our customers to be aware of that and, if they want to, take some simple steps to conserve energy, use a little bit less natural gas, and that will help limit the cost impact on their monthly bills." Xcel Energy is [...]

Klobuchar Talks MN Music, Concerts in Senate Hearing on Ticket Competition

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U-S Senator Amy Klobuchar expects more Justice Department investigations of Ticketmaster/Live Nation's alleged monopoly on the concert industry.  Klobuchar chaired a hearing on the lack of competition in ticketing and said she worked part time on weekends to pay for concerts: "I love music.  So, I grew up in the suburbs, in high school I remember loading Johnny Royer's van with my friends and going off to see Led Zeppelin and the Cars and Aerosmith." The Minnesota Democrat says kids these days cannot afford tickets to major concerts.  Live Nation's president told senators they do not set the ticket prices or [...]

Busy Day Today at the Minnesota Capitol

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Democrats today (Mon) cue up several of their high-profile initiatives for votes in the Minnesota House: Bills for free school lunch and breakfast for all students... earned sick and safe time... and allowing felons to vote after they're released from prison make what could be their final committee stop (1030am start) before a vote in the full House.  Later in the day, there's another hearing in the Senate on legalizing recreational marijuana.  Two House committees meet jointly to get input from stakeholders on the proposed merger of the Fairview and Sanford health systems.  Attorney General Keith Ellison wraps up his series [...]

State Offices Of Rural Health Get Funding Through 2027

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A bill co-authored by Tina Smith and signed into law will help make sure State Offices of Rural Health have the resources they need to expand and improve healthcare services in rural communities. "State Offices of rural health are a partnership with the federal government and state organizations that are focused on closing the gaps and solving the particular problems that we have delivering health care and rural communities." The funding will remain in place through 2027.

Labor Top Legislative Issue for Minnesota Pork Producers

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Issues surrounding the ag workforce top the list of legislative priorities for the Minnesota Pork Producers Association.  Lauren Servick is the director of public policy and engagement: "Obviously, labor has been a big discussion lately in our state legislature (so) being involved in those conversations and helping them understand how the provisions would impact family farms. Especially those that are employing even just a few employees." Servick says Minnesota Pork also wants to be engaged when discussing animal wellbeing at the Capitol: "In our opinion, pig farmers know best how to care for their animals so we want to make sure [...]

13-Year-Old Boy Wins Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza

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(Nisswa, MN) --  A 13-year-old boy is the big winner in the annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza.   Zac Padrnos of Hutchinson reeled in a nine-point-75-pound walleye Saturday which earns him a new Ford or G-M-C truck.  The next largest walleye was five-point-67 pounds.  More than 12 thousand anglers turned out at Hole In The Day Bay on Gull Lake despite freezing temperatures.  Volunteers drilled 14-thousand300 holes in two hours.  Officials say the ice fishing tournament has raised over four-and-a-half-million dollars for charities and nonprofits since 1991.

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