During an interview with Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington said he turned down the Brad Pitt role in “Seven”, and he regrets it.


JENA MALONE and some other bystanders rescued a dog when they saw a man abusing it on an L.A. street.  After the dog was safe, several men continued to beat up the abuser.  Turns out the dog was stolen.  But his owner has been found and he should recover.

(You can watch a news report here.  It doesn’t look like the scumbag animal abuser was hurt too badly.)


RAINN WILSON didn’t feel like being recognized in the waiting room at the dentist, so when he saw a woman wearing a Dunder Mifflin shirt, he put on his mask.


Vanessa Hudgens has been leaning into her paranormal gift lately . . . she can hear and see ghosts.  She also recently had her first experience using paranormal equipment where she spoke to a spirit named Sam.


Jennifer Lopez shared her morning routine after she gets out of the shower.  Before she applies any skincare products, she reads herself an affirmation card to start the day with positivity.


JOJO SIWA got her hair cut short. Check it out at HOT 96.7 on Facebook.



AVRIL LAVIGNE and MOD SUN are engaged.  (Full Story)


JESSICA SIMPSON is showing off her figure after losing 100 pounds for the THIRD TIME.