A few big movies are on the way, including “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, which is out today . . . “Thor: Love and Thunder” out next Friday . . . Jordan Peele’s “Nope” on July 22nd . . . the Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans thriller “The Gray Man” out on Netflix on the 22nd . . . and “DC League of Super-Pets” hits theaters July 29th.


“Stranger Things Volume 2”  was released this morning! “Stranger Things” and Spotify teamed up to offer an official “Upside Down Playlist.”  It puts together your most played songs so you’ll know which ones might save you from the evil Vecna.


The Marvel Comics Universe may have a “Doctor Doom” movie on the way.  Howard Stern was caught on a live mic during a commercial break.  Here he is telling Robin Quivers that he’s not thrilled about it.  (He told Robin the schedule is going to suck and that’s how he spent summers doing “AGT”  How will he find time to run for President?)


Turns out THE ROCK has a bunch of half-siblings he doesn’t know, and who didn’t have a relationship with their dad.  One of them is making a documentary about it.


A lot of people got upset when Tim Allen didn’t do Buzz’s voice in the new animated movie “Lightyear”.  They use Chris Evans instead.  “Extra” asked Tim about it.


In a video that plays on a Disney cruise ship, PAUL RUDD addresses the fan theory that Ant-Man could have gone upThanos’ butt and killed him.  But EVANGELINE LILLY cuts him off before he can go into specifics.


No one forced BRUCE WILLIS to keep working after he found out he was sick, it was his choice.  And his lawyer says that because Bruce continued to work, thousands of people had jobs during the pandemic.


BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN and SHARNA BURGESS welcomed a baby boy.


Taylor Swift is engaged. But it’s a secret. Only her “inner-inner circle” of family and trusted old friends are supposed to know that Joe Alwyn proposed several months ago. You’ve never seen Taylor’s diamond engagement ring because she only wears it “behind closed doors.”

Quote, “They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible.  This is just for them. “And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any ‘Vogue’‘Rolling Stone’, or ‘Hello!’ magazines there.  It will be simple and elegant, like them.”


Season 22 of ”The Voice” will premiere on Monday, September 19th on NBC


YouTube star Logan Paul has signed a contract to grapple in the WWE. He is going to make appearances at upcoming pay-per-view events.



NICKI MINAJ now has her own chip flavor with the Rap Snacks brand.


BEYONCÉ revealed the cover of her new album yesterday, and it’s definitely an attention-getter.  It’s a picture of her nearly naked on a glass horse.