Hollywood legend James Caan died Wednesday night.  The cause of death has not been revealed.  He was 82.  His films included “The Godfather”“Misery”“Brian’s Song”“Rollerball”, and “Elf”.



Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon are going to star in a new wedding comedy for Amazon. The storyline is being kept a secret.


During a little people wrestling event in L.A., a mini-Johnny Depp defeated a mini-Amber Heard, thanks to an assist by a miniature version of Johnny’s attorney, Camille Vasquez. (PROFANITY WARNING:  For anyone who has to see this nonsense, TMZ has the video.)



Rosie O’Donnell was one of the players in the movie “A League of Their Own”. . . and now she’ll play a bar owner in Amazon’s reboot series.  It premieres next month, on August 12th.


Martha Stewart isn’t getting any right now, because all the good guys she meets are married to her friends.  She says, quote, “I always think, ‘Oh gosh, couldn’t that [woman] just die?’  Not painfully, just die.”


We’re going to need some men to spice up @Martha Stewart’s love life. Check out a new episode of Dear Chelsea streaming now.

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Doja Cat asked the guy who plays Will on “Stranger Things” to set her up with his costar Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie.  So of course he broadcast her request in a TikTok.






Charlie Puth’s next album is called “CHARLIE”, and it drops October 7th.


An attorney for one of the Astroworld victims is criticizing Travis Scott for stopping a show Monday due to safety concerns . . . when he supposedly did nothing to prevent the tragedy in Houston.  Travis’ people called the guy a hypocrite.

(WARNING:  The video on this page contains profanity.)


Backstreet Boys are coming out with their first Christmas album called “A Very Backstreet Christmas”.  It drops October 14th and will include three original songs.