Lady Gaga, Chris Rock and Zoe Kravitz have signed on as some of the first Oscar presenters. The show will take place on Sunday, March 27th.


Instagram “star” Dude with Sign got ROBERT PATTINSON’s attention at the premiere of “The Batman”.


Pamela Anderson plans to tell her life story in a new Netflix documentary. Her son Brandon Thomas Lee is a producer on what’s been dubbed the “definitive documentary about the pop culture icon.”


Apple TV Plus has renewed The Afterparty, starring Tiffany Haddish, for a second season.


Singer JACK HARLOW will play the Woody Harrelson role in the “White Men Can’t Jump” remake.


Charlie Sheen and Entourage stars Kevin Connelly, Kevin Dillon and Jamie Lynn Sigler are teaming for a new comedy-drama series called ”Ramble On”. Charlie and both Kevin’s will play themselves.


PETE DAVIDSON might be joining JEFF BEZOS on a Blue Origin flight into space.  A source said, quote, “They haven’t signed a contract yet, but it looks like it’s going to happen . . . The details are being finalized.  He got on really well with Jeff when they met.” (According to Blue Origin, a flight is 11 minutes long, and almost reaches the outer edge of Kanye’s ego.)


MILA KUNIS and ASHTON KUTCHER will match $3 million in donations to Ukraine.


JAY LENO has a massive car collection, but he doesn’t have a Ferrari.  He says they’re good cars, but he doesn’t like dealing with the dealers.  He says companies like McLaren and Porsche are way more buyer-friendly.


Darren Criss‘s older brother, 36-year-old Charles Criss, recently died by suicide. The actor revealed the news Wednesday, sharing photos of his brother and posting a statement. He writes, in part, that “there is absolutely no shame in feeling shame, and furthermore, nothing wrong whatsoever with seeking help.”


Joy Behar sure knows how to make an entrance.  On “The View” yesterday, she fell straight on her 79-year-old BUTT while trying to climb into her seat.  She was unhurt and urged people to take falls seriously, given what happened to Bob Saget.


The MTV Movie & TV Awards will air as a two-day event in the spring. On June 5th, the MTV Movie & TV Awards will take place, and the MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED, honoring reality shows, will air on June 6th.


DYLAN SPROUSE posted a throwback photo with ADAM SANDLER.  Dylan and his brother COLE played Adam’s adopted kid in the movie “Big Daddy”.


JESSICA BIEL got an awesome birthday card, cake, and banner from the kids.


CAMILA CABELLO celebrated her birthday by announcing the April 8th release date of her new album.



Ironically, BRITNEY SPEARS’ birthday post to her fiancée is one of the few where she’s NOT naked.



KRISTEN BELL is bringing the sexy back to air travel.


Those hoping to portray MADONNA in her upcoming biopic are going through a “grueling” audition process.  It includes a boot camp with up to 11-hours of choreography training with Madonna, then later will require readings with her and a singing audition.


THE WEEKND is going on tour with DOJA CAT.


Dojo Cat is getting her own House Party video game. The game involves players tracking down a masked dancing sensation. It will be released this Summer.