MAYIM BIALIK and KEN JENNINGS are going to host Jeopardy for the rest of the season.


SNOOP DOGG and MARTHA STEWART are back for a Halloween special on Peacock.

“Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween” will pit teams of three bakers against each other to build, quote, “over-the-top, full-sensory, immersive 12 by 12 worlds” inspired by the holiday.

The show starts streaming on Peacock on October 14th.


A new book about “Grey’s Anatomy” says that PATRICK DEMPSEY was basically “terrorizing” people on the set in the runup to his firing.  Apparently, he was no longer enjoying himself, but he stayed because they were throwing money at him.


Watch MELISSA MCCARTHY and her husband BEN FALCONE take a virtual painting lesson with BOB ROSS’ son.  They produced that new Netflix documentary about Bob.


Fans want LIZZO and CHRIS EVANS to star in the remake of “The Bodyguard”.  Well, Lizzo heard about it, and yeah . . . she agrees.


Are you a BILLIE EILISH fan?  If so, did you know Billie thinks of you as her skin?  Quote, “I think of them like part of me and how I get through stuff . . . They always have my back.”


SAWEETIE is now pimping Hidden Valley Ranch-themed Crocs.


Nobody seems to be having more fun these days than LIL NAS X.  Here he is at his “baby shower” . . . here he is going into labor . . . and here are some billboards he put up.  Lil Nas X “gave birth” to his new album “Montero” this morning.