“Thor: Love and Thunder” ran away with the box office this weekend, but fans and critics aren’t too high on it.  Many are saying it’s too goofy and jokey, almost like a kids’ movie.


There’s a new “Captain America” movie coming, but Chris Evans won’t say if he’s in it.  He tweeted, quote, “Sam Wilson is Captain America”,  but that doesn’t mean he won’t make an appearance.


Cameron Diaz thinks she was used as a drug mule when she was trying to start her modeling career in Paris. She was sent to Morocco with a suitcase, but she didn’t know what was in it. Here is Diaz on the “Second Life” podcast telling the story.


Florence Pugh posted pictures of herself in a see-through dress and men criticized her body.  She told them to, quote, “Grow up.  Respect people.  Respect bodies.  Respect all women.  Respect humans.” (Warning:  You will see those nipples in these two posts.)




There’s a pilot episode for an animated “Golden Girls” series set in the year 3033.  It uses original audio from the live-action series, but adds visual jokes and everything is futuristic, including Sophia, who is now a robot.


Last week, Doja Kat direct-messaged Noah Schnapp from “Stranger Things”, asking if he could get her in touch with Joseph Quinn . . . the guy who played Eddie.

For some reason, Noah posted their exchange on TikTok for all to see, and Doja isn’t really down for that.  She called it “whack” and said she did NOT want him to share that.

But she added that Noah is only 17 and, quote, “When you’re that young, you make mistakes.”  So she’s trying to be “chill” about it.  Neither Noah nor Joseph Quinn have commented publicly.


Shawn Mendes postponed the next three weeks of his tour to take care of his mental health.  He’s expected to resume his tour on July 31st in Toronto.