Bill Murray says the issue on the set of “Being Mortal” involved him doing something he THOUGHT was funny, that wasn’t taken that way.  He says he’s open to learning from his mistakes, and going back to work.

Bill is 71 now, but he said that he’s open to learning from the incident, because, quote, “[It’s] a really sad puppy that can’t learn anymore.  I don’t want to be that sad dog, and I have no intention of it.”

He didn’t provide any specifics on what went down, but he seemed very genuine.

He said he’s optimistic that he and the co-worker can make peace and begin “trusting each other” enough to go ahead with the movie.  He said they’re both professionals . . . like each other’s work . . . and like each other.



Amber Heard has less than 10 minutes of screen time in ”Aquaman 2”. Over 2 million people have digitally signed a petition to have her removed from the film because of her defamation lawsuit with Johnny Depp. The NY Post says Amber has fired her PR team because of the bad headlines she is receiving.


Aqua’s 1997 song ”Barbie Girl” will not be on the soundtrack of the new live-action Barbie movie.


KATIE HOLMES has a new man and he’s 10 years younger than her.  His name is Bobby Wooten the Third and he’s a Grammy-nominated musician who plays the bass for several Broadway productions.

(Totally random, but I couldn’t help but get a Connor Cruise vibe, you know, her former stepson.  Here’s another shot of Bobby.)  


Big news for “That ’70s Show” fans!  Most of the original cast will be returning to make guest appearances on “That ’90s Show”.  This includes Topher GraceMila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher . . . but no Danny Masterson, because, you know, those rape allegations he’s going to trial for.


Netflix has cancelled Meghan Markle’s cartoon series. The series was about a 12 year-old girl on a journey of self-discovery. The paper hints that the series was canceled because Netflix is having money problems.


PETE DAVIDSON finally acknowledged YE’s comments about him during his stand-up shows over the weekend, like how he got decapitated in Ye’s music video.  Davidson joked he went to the doctor to be tested for AIDS after West’s accusation, since he was “a genius,” but was told he did not have it, just that he looked like he did. He also joked that he hoped West would pull a Mrs. Doubtfire and show up one day disguised as a housekeeper in his ex-wife’s home.



DEMI LOVATO updated their pronouns to now include “she/her”.  You’re welcome.


DJ KHALED is asking McDonald’s why it’s so hard to find Happy Meals right now.  He went to five locations on Saturday before he finally found one that had them.  He said, quote, “McDonald’s, the kids want Happy Meals!”


Check out AVRIL LAVIGNE joining OLIVIA RODRIGO onstage to sing “Complicated”.