Matthew McConaughey will not be running for governor of Texas.  In a new Instagram video, he says that’s a path that he has, quote, “chosen not to take at this moment.”


All three “Blue’s Clues” hosts reunited for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Hope you were safer over Thanksgiving than JIMMY KIMMEL.  He burned his hair and eyebrows lighting the oven.  He still made a decent-looking bird, though.


DAVE CHAPPELLE showed up at his alma mater last week to let the kids voice their concerns about the trans comments he made.  Many people who were there say he was pretty dismissive, and he interrupted a lot of kids and talked down to them.


Faizon Love from “Elf” is still trying to wrap his head around Will Ferrell turning down $29 million to do the sequel.  He said, quote, “I was surprised he turned down that much money, but it must be good to be white.” He added, quote, “If they would have asked me to do it for some potato chips and 35-hundred . . .”


LINDSAY LOHAN is engaged. On Sunday, the 35-year-old actress posted pics with her fiance and her ring. She wrote, “My love. My life. My family. My future.” Lindsay has reportedly been dating the assistant vice president of Credit Suisse for two years. She was previously engaged to Russian business mogul Egor Tarabasov in 2016.


Kanye West posted a five-minute video where he said he wants to put his family back together, and admitted to several failings.  They included his ego, his temper, his presidential campaign, and being a “self-righteous Christian.”  On Saturday . . . AFTER the video came out, Kim and Pete Davidson were spotted having breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel.