DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER has interjected himself into the GABBY PETITO BRIAN LAUNDRIE situation.  He showed up at the Florida home of Brian’s parents this weekend.  He knocked, but no one answered, so he left.

WILLIAM SHATNER is going into orbit next month on JEFF BEZOS’ next space flight.  At 90 years of age, he’ll be the oldest person to ever go to space.


DAVE BAUTISTA adopted a rescued pit bull puppy from a Tampa Bay humane society.  The puppy was found with a metal chain embedded in her neck, so Dave is offering a reward for anyone with information regarding the abusive former owners.



“Wedding Crashers 2” should be renamed “The Movie That Almost Was”.  Plans for the sequel have been halted because of OWEN WILSON’s commitment to Disney’s new “Haunted Mansion” movie.


“American Gladiators” is getting another reboot!

The WWE is teaming up with MGM to bring the show back.  Only this time, the Gladiators will be WWE superstars.



A new documentary on BRITNEY SPEARS says that her dad JAMIE had her mobile devices encrypted so he saw all her ingoing and outgoing texts and emails.  And he also bugged her bedroom so he could hear what went on in there.


A pair of MICHAEL JORDAN’s stanky USED boxers were on the auction block over the weekend . . . and someone snapped them up for $2,784.