CUBA GOODING JR. pleaded guilty to forcibly touching a woman at a New York City bar in 2018.  He won’t serve any time.


DANNY DEVITO likes his Penguin better than COLIN FARRELL’s, but mainly because he liked the style of the TIM BURTON movie he was in more.  Quote, “I like the whimsical, the operatic . . . That makes me smile.”


There’s going to be a “Ted” prequel series set in 1993.  SETH MACFARLANE is going to voice Ted again, and will also be the writer, director, and co-showrunner.  A release date has not been announced.


“The Kardashians” came out today on Hulu.  And if you’re curious, the most popular of the family based on Instagram following are:  KYLIE JENNER with 327 million followers . . . KIM KARDASHIAN with 300 million . . . and KHLOE KARDASHIAN with 234 million.


On the first episode of “The Kardashians”KIM finds out that her 5-year-old son Saint has seen an ad for her sex tape online.  She says, quote, “I have four kids.  I can’t go through this again.”  Then she threatens to, quote, “burn them all to the ground.”


Watch a video of MACHINE GUN KELLY wanting a snuggle, but MEGAN FOX doesn’t.


When MOLLY SHANNON was trying to break into showbiz, she signed with GARY COLEMAN’s agent.  Then she met with him, and he sexually harassed her.  Molly says he was jumping all over her, trying to kiss her, and grabbing onto her leg, before she finally escaped.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was asked how he felt about BRITNEY SPEARS’ pregnancy, and he said, quote, “Stop.  Go away.”  Then he jokingly stomped his feet like he was angry.  He’s being criticized for not just wishing her well.


Amanda Bynes is making music with her fiancé and they just released their first song “Diamonds”. . . and it’s pretty bad.


GENE SIMMONS is confident that artists like BEYONCÉ and BRUNO MARS would not be able to handle performing in a KISS costume.  He said the armor he wears is 40 pounds and his boots each weigh the same as a bowling ball.


LORDE says she used to have to have a gummy or some tequila to come down after a show.  But her post-show ritual now is writing about people she saw in the audience, like someone “in a sun costume” or someone who’s “hype the entire time.”