JENNIFER LAWRENCE gave birth to her baby.


Nicolas Cage hasn’t done a late-night talk show in more than a decade.  Kimmel had him on and Nic told a story about a magical night gambling, and the good that came from the winnings.


HUGH JACKMAN’s wife DEBORRA-LEE FURNESS says the persistent rumors that Hugh is gay are “so silly.”  She says that if he was gay, he would be, quote, “dating Brad Pitt, or whatever.”


CHRISTOPHER WALKEN is doing a show in England with STEPHEN MERCHANT.  They went to Stonehenge and Walken wanted to touch one of the stones, and they wouldn’t let him.  Stephen says, quote, “It was so typically British that even someone like Christopher Walken can’t touch the stones.”


On the witness stand yesterday, JOHNNY DEPP said AMBER HEARD has a need for conflict and violence.  He also accused her of taking drugs like molly, mushrooms and speed, and drinking a lot of wine.  Here’s Johnny Depp talking about the POOP incident . . . in which Johnny’s security guard found FECES on his side of the bed days after they’d had an argument and Amber had gone away to Coachella. He’ll be back on the stand today.


Fast and the Furious 10 is going to be called ”Fast X.” 


A trailer was released yesterday for that pot movie “Good Mourning”, starring MACHINE GUN KELLYPETE DAVIDSON, and MEGAN FOX.  And it looks really bad.


”The Tinder Swindler” has become Netflix’s most watched documentary. Over 166 million hours of the documentary have been streamed.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN celebrated her 43rd birthday with TRAVIS BARKER and the kids at Disney.


Jessica Simpson filmed an ad for Flonase allergy relief, and posted some clips on her Instagram Story.  And now people are worried about her.  They’re saying she seemed “fidgety” and was slurring her words.  It was also pretty obvious that she was reading a script, and her eyes were darting all over the place.

(Check out the videos here.  And remember, this is Jessica Simpson we’re talking about . . . so the idea that she’d have trouble memorizing a script or reading her lines off cue cards isn’t that odd.)


A$AP ROCKY was arrested in connection with a 2021 shooting.  He’s currently free on $550,000 bond.


Former McDonald’s employee LIL YACHTY visited a Mickey D’s in Atlanta and made a McChicken sandwich.  It’s part of a new partnership with McDonald’s.  He said, quote, “I give huge credit to all the McDonald’s crew showing up and working hard every single day.”