Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin and Venus and Serena Williams have been added as presenters for Sunday night’s Academy Awards. 


An employee at the venue where BOB SAGET did his last show says Bob told them he was dealing with long COVID and wasn’t feeling great.  But she was still surprised to hear that he’d died, because he “seemed okay”, and put on a great show.


Netflix has their first original movie with an NC-17 rating in “Blonde”.  It’s a fictional story about MARILYN MONROE with ANA DE ARMAS as Marilyn and ADRIEN BRODY as ARTHUR MILLER.


Watching NICOLAS CAGE answer questions about himself from the Internet is definitely time well spent.


Check out some new images from “Stranger Things” Season 4.


MIKE TYSON was watching a comedy show when a guy started challenging him to a fight.  When the host tried to intervene, the man pulled a gun.  But he put it back in his pocket and said he was joking.  And Tyson hugged him.


An interactive exhibit called “Prince: The Immersive Experience” will open in Chicago in June.


When OLIVIA RODRIGO released “Drivers License”, the alleged subject of the song, JOSHUA BASSETT, received so much online hate and it was so intense that he ended up in the hospital with HEART FAILURE, where doctors told him he was 12 hours from DEATH. Even when he healed physically, he still dealt with depression, stress and frequent panic attacks. But therapy, yoga, and meditation are helping him cope. But now he says, quote, “I found that I’ll always be OK, if not better off.”


MILEY CYRUS was on her way to a gig in Paraguay when her plane had to make an emergency landing because it was struck by lightning.  No one was hurt.


AVRIL LAVIGNE wants KRISTEN STEWART to play her in a biopic.


HARRY STYLES is dropping a new album on May 20th.  It’s called “Harry’s House”.