The new Marvel movie, “Eternals”, is expected to earn $75 million during its opening weekend in North America 


GAL GADOT will play the evil queen in Disney’s live-action “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”.


The rights to Alvin and the Chipmunks are up for sale for $300 million. The Chipmunks movies have made $1.4 billion at the box office.


The Broken Lizard comedy team . . . you know, the guys behind “Super Troopers” and “Beerfest” . . . are working on a satire of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. It’s called “Quasi”.


Fox is bringing back that awful dating show “Joe Millionaire”, but this time there are TWO guys, and one of them IS a millionaire, while the other one isn’t.  And the women don’t know which is which.


TOM HANKS said he was offered a spot on Jeff Bezos’ rocket before WILLIAM SHATNER, but turned it down because he didn’t want to pay $28 million.


WILL SMITH shared in his memoir “Will” how witnessing his father’s abuse towards his mom growing up shaped who he is.  As he cared for his father when he was battling cancer, he even contemplating avenging his mom by killing him.


In his new memoir “Unguarded”SCOTTIE PIPPEN calls MICHAEL JORDAN selfish, hypocritical, and insensitive.  And he says, quote, “Michael and I aren’t close and never have been.”


SOFIA VERGARA is executive producing and playing a Colombian drug lord for a Netflix limited series called “Griselda”.  It’s about Griselda Blanco, a powerful cocaine trafficker in the ’80s who was known as “Black Widow”.


PETE DAVIDSON arranged a private dinner for himself and KIM KARDASHIAN on the roof of a restaurant on Staten Island earlier this week.  But as far as anyone’s heard, they’re still “just friends.”


Jerry Springer, Michael Rapaport and Bill Bellamy will guest host the Wendy Williams Show while she remains out due to Graves disease.