The creator of “Squid Game” is working on a movie that he says will be even MORE violent.  Its working title is “Killing Old People Club”.  There’s no word on the plot.


HARRISON FORD just booked his first regular role in a TV series ever.  He’ll star with JASON SEGEL in “Shrinking”, a show about therapists.  It’ll air on Apple TV+.


Amazon Prime has purchased Jennifer Lopez’s new rom-com ‘’Shotgun Wedding’’. She and Josh Duhamel play a couple, who get cold feet before their wedding. Their entire wedding party is then taken hostage


HUGH JACKMAN is currently starring in “The Music Man” on Broadway . . . but he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

During a curtain call recently, Hugh spotted someone in the audience with a foam Wolverine claw.  So he grabbed it from him, put it on, and did a classic Wolverine pose.

Not only did Wolverine make Jackman a huge star, but he also kept him from being DEPORTED . . . as Hugh explained recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”


AMY SCHUMER shared a few of her jokes that she cut from her OSCARS monologue . . . per the advice of her lawyers.  One was, quote, “‘Don’t Look Up’ is the name of a movie?  More like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin’s shotgun.”


Okay, NOW it’s getting real:  KIM KARDASHIAN met PETE DAVIDSON’s grandparents.


ELON MUSK is now one of Twitter’s largest shareholders.


LIL JON has a new HGTV show called “Lil Jon Wants to Do What?” premiering on May 2nd.


MARTHA STEWART’s four dogs killed her calico Persian cat named Princess Peony.  She says they “mistook her for an interloper,” which doesn’t make a ton of sense.


Britney Spears confirmed in an Instagram post that she’s writing a book.


PINK ripped into “Rolling Stone” after they released their list of the 25 greatest Grammy performances.  She said they haven’t been relevant since 1990.  Of course, her not being on the list may have had something to do with it.


ARIANA GRANDE pledged to donate up to $1.5 million to fight anti-trans legislation.


KANYE WEST has pulled out of Coachella.  He didn’t say why.


Selena Gomez has 65.7 million followers on Twitter and 309 million on Instagram.  She’s one of the most popular human beings on social media.  But she hasn’t been on the Internet in four and a half years.


SHAWN MENDES says he reached out to CAMILA CABELLO before he released his new breakup song “When You’re Gone”.


LIL NAS X wrote a little song about being shut out at the Grammys.


HARRY STYLES broke Spotify’s single-day streaming record for a male artist.  His new song “As It Was” received 16.1 million streams.  DRAKE previously held the record with 12.4 million streams for “Girls Want Girls”.


A Maryland rapper named GOONEW was murdered last month.  And at a memorial concert in D.C. on Sunday, his body was actually propped up onstage wearing a crown.  The club apologized and said they didn’t know that was going to happen.

(WARNING:  You can see videos here, but they contain profanity.)