About 200 showbiz types signed a letter urging Hollywood to be more responsible when it depicts gun violence onscreen.  The signees include Amy SchumerShonda RhimesJudd Apatow, and Jimmy Kimmel. The names also include Julianne MooreMark Ruffalo, horror directors Eli Roth and Joe DanteDebbie Allen, and Adam Brody.

The letter was prepared by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  You can read the whole thing and see everyone who signed it at BradyUnited.org.


More details have emerged about the “Joker” sequel.  Sources say LADY GAGA is in talks to join as Harley Quinn and it’s going to be a MUSICAL. No deals with the actors have been made just yet, and no other details are known, like if Gaga will provide any original music.


“BuzzFeed” list of unhealthy diets that male actors have gone through for movie roles includes:  Zac Efron not having a single carb for six months while doing “Baywatch” . . . and Christian Bale losing 63 pounds for “The Machinist”.


CHRISTINA RICCI says JENNA ORTEGA is “incredible” as Wednesday Addams in the upcoming Tim Burton series “Wednesday”. The Netflix series debuts this Fall.


JENNIFER ANISTON trashed people who get famous on social media . . . and got backlash because both her parents are actors.  So her spot in the showbiz industry wasn’t exactly hard-won. The words “nepotism” and “privilege” got thrown around a lot in their responses.


The dress JENNIFER ANISTON is wearing in this photo is the same one COURTENEY COX wore on “Friends” 20 years ago.


JAMES CORDEN is going to head back to the U.K. to be closer to his family after he finishes his time hosting “The Late Late Show” in spring 2023.  So . . . we’re finally rid of him?


CHARLIE SHEEN’s 18-year-old daughter Sam joined OnlyFans and he’s not happy.  He blames her mom, DENISE RICHARDS.  Quote, “[Sam] is 18 years old now and living with her mother.  This did not occur under my roof.”


In a new interview, AMBER HEARD says she doesn’t blame the jury for ruling in favor of JOHNNY DEPP.  Quote, “I don’t blame them.  I actually understand.  He’s a beloved character and people feel they know him.  He’s a fantastic actor.”


LIZZO changed the lyrics to “Grrrls” after she was accused of using “an ableist slur”.  (Full Story)


POST MALONE announced 2022 tour dates.  Oh, and he welcomed a baby girl and he’s engaged.


SELENA GOMEZ remembers DEMI LOVATO standing in front of her during the open casting call for “Barney & Friends”.  Quote, “I remember she had a red bow on.  I just thought the world of her . . . We had [a] mini reunion when we saw each other when we got the part.”


BRITNEY SPEARS and her new husband SAM ASGHARI are moving into a house near KEVIN FEDERLINE.  Probably so she can be closer to the kids.  Also, TMZ says there’s an ironclad prenup in place.