JOHNNY DEPP will not be given a $301 million pay day to return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.  A representative for Johnny said this rumor was made up.


JASON MOMOA was named the UN Environment Programme’s Advocate for Life Below Water.  Not only is he Aquaman, but he’s known for his efforts to protect our oceans, like with his plastic-free water company Mananalu.


CHRIS HEMSWORTH said RUSSELL CROWE comforted him during his nude scene for “Thor: Love and Thunder” by also being naked from the waist down.


Check out WILL FERRELL on the set of the “Barbie” movie.


CHRISTIAN BALE says he would return as Batman if director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN asked him to.  Bale still hasn’t seen ROBERT PATTINSON’s take on the character, but said he’s a wonderful actor.


Questions that need to be answered in this weekend’s episodes of “Stranger Things” include:  Is someone going to die? . . . Will Eleven gain new powers? . . . and Does Will have a Crush on Mike?


MACHINE GUN KELLY says he got so low two years ago, he put a shotgun in his mouth while he was talking to MEGAN FOX on the phone.  But with her help, and the help of his daughter, he snapped out of it.


Well, they found BAM MARGERA again . . . and he’s going back to rehab again.