WILL SMITH apologized to CHRIS ROCK for slapping him during the Oscars.  He said, quote, “I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be.”  The Academy is still considering whether to take further action.


Chris Rock‘s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith was not approved by the organizers of the Academy Awards nor did he practice it during rehearsals. He has also apologized to


In a TikTok just days before the Oscars, Jada Pinkett said she doesn’t “give two craps” what people think of her hair.


HOWARD STERN and CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD both had good takes on the Oscar slap.  Stern said WILL SMITH obviously has “real issues” and should have been ejected.  Charlamagne thinks Will could have feelings of inadequacy going back to his childhood, watching his mother be abused. He also said he talked to Chris, and Chris did NOT know Jada had alopecia.


JASON MOMOA has put all rumors about his marriage to LISA BONET to rest . . . quote, “We’re not getting back together.”  Then later at an Oscars after-party he was seen putting his arm around KATE BECKINSALE, and even gave her his jacket to stay warm.


Amazon is making a James Bond competition series called “007’s Road to a Million”.  Contestants will have the opportunity to win $1.3 million by working in two-person teams and doing physical obstacles and answering questions at former “007” filming locations. Production is supposed to start later this year.  (You can apply here.)


As you may have heard, MALIA OBAMA is one of the writers on the new season of “Atlanta”, and DONALD GLOVER says she’s doing great.


CHRIS HEMSWORTH’s prosthetic penis from “Vacation” was gifted to him in a display box.  He apparently has it sitting on his mantle next to a different type of hammer . . . Thor’s Mjolnir.


CHANNING TATUM isn’t waxing for “Magic Mike 3”.  He says, quote, “You don’t need to be naked, you don’t need to look like a Chinese crested hairless cat or something to be sexy anymore.  That’s kinda a thing of the old.” https://youtu.be/omORo7W_3sw



Check out the teaser for season 2 of “Only Murders in the Building”.  It premieres June 28th. https://youtu.be/cMIdScgVZSM



TIFFANY HADDISH is releasing her second book “I Curse You with Joy” on November 29th.


TAYLOR SWIFT is going to receive an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from New York University.  She’s also going to speak at the commencement ceremony on May 18th at Yankee Stadium. So what exactly is an honorary degree?  Well, it’s given to individuals for their contributions to society.  Recipients don’t have to meet any type of requirements, like taking a test or writing a paper.

They’re basically only used to honor an individual.  They don’t hold any real-world value outside of that.  So no, Taylor is not ACTUALLY a doctor.


NICK LACHEY confronted a photographer Sunday night, swore at her, and tried to take her camera.  He later apologized, saying he “clearly overreacted.”