Another Ghostbusters movie is being developed. The Afterlife sequel will be released on December 20th, 2023.


Early in his career, Steve Carell did sketch comedy, and last night on “The Tonight Show”, he explained how the “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” originated from one of his ideas that never made it to the stage.


DANIEL FRANZESE, who played Damian in “Mean Girls”, put himself through conversion therapy for six months when he was 21.  He quit after realizing his therapist “used to be gay”, and told Daniel he wouldn’t go to hell over it as long as he loves God.


DAKOTA JOHNSON revealed that making “Fifty Shades of Grey” was a battle because of the book’s author, E.L. JAMES.  She had creative control and butted heads a lot with the filmmakers.


There’s finally a teaser trailer for “Hocus Pocus 2”.  It hits Disney+ on September 30th.


Amazon is developing a “Who’s the Boss” sequel series with TONY DANZA and ALYSSA MILANO.  There’s no word if anyone else is coming back.


WOODY ALLEN might retire after his next movie.  He says “the thrill is gone,” because movies only play in theaters for a few weeks before they go to streaming or pay-per-view.


CHRIS PRATT says he cried when people accused him of dissing Anna Faris and their son.  It happened when he praised current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and their “healthy” daughter.  Chris and Anna’s son was born premature and has had health issues.



Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick have broken up after less than two years of dating. No other information is available about their split.


Travis Barker was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. Kourtney Kardashian was by his side. Travis’ daughter, Alabama, asked fans to send prayers.


North West had a “spooky, wilderness-themed” party for her 9th birthday.  Here are some pics and videos KIM KARDASHIAN posted yesterday.

JESSICA SIMPSON’s daughter Maxwell was there.


Last night on “America’s Got Talent”, Heidi hit her golden buzzer for Lily Meola, a singer/songwriter that was once signed, but lost her deal when she had to stop performing to take care of her late mom when she got cancer.


A stalker broke into ARIANA GRANDE’s house on her 29th birthday last Sunday.  Luckily she wasn’t home.  He violated a restraining order she has against him from when he showed up last September with a large hunting knife.


The all-female K-pop group Blackpink are the most followed artists on YouTube, with 75 million subscribers.  Justin Bieber comes in second with 69.3 million and BTS is third with 68.7 million.