Amber Heard was grilled yesterday about a late-night visit from James Franco one night when Johnny Depp was away.


CHRIS ROCK could very well be the host of the 2023 OSCARS.  At least an executive at ABC is open to the idea.  The WILL SMITH-free ceremony will take place Sunday, March 12th.


Robert Downey Jr. is getting his own Discovery+ reality TV show. “Downey’s Dream Cars” will follow Robert as he restores classic cars once ruined by the environment.


A director who worked with TOM CRUISE says that Tom wanted to celebrate his own birthday by having an eight-hour meeting.  He told the director, quote, “I want to be making a movie.  That’s the best birthday present.”


Social awkwardness is real.  And SELMA BLAIR is proof.  In her new book “Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up”, she admits that she used to BITE PEOPLE to compensate for her sensory overload in social situations.


“Law & Order” star CHRISTOPHER MELONI says he works out NAKED at his home gym, and doesn’t black out the window.  Quote, “I’m okay with that.  My wife is not.”


Edie Falco aka Carmella Soprano will play Pete Davidson‘s mother in the upcoming Peacock sitcom Bupkis. The series is “described as a heightened, fictionalized version of Davidson’s real life.”


ABC’s fall schedule includes four hours of “Bachelor in Paradise” per week, along with “Celebrity Jeopardy!” on Sunday nights, and new shows starring Hilary Swank and Niecy Nash.


NEIL PATRICK HARRIS apologized for his platter inspired by AMY WINEHOUSE’s decaying corpse from a Halloween party in 2011.  He said, quote, “It was regrettable then, and it remains regrettable now.” (See the photo here.)


BAM MARGERA has completed a 12-month program for drug and alcohol abuse.


Cardi B proved she can change a diaper with those long, pointy fingernails.  Of course, she did it on a teddy bear, which piqued her kid’s curiosity.


Machine Gun Kelly recently got a $30,000 manicure. He had a manicurist place tiny diamonds on his fingernails. The diamonds range in size from .8 mm to 2.4 mm. It took 10 hours to apply the white diamonds over the black nail polish.


Harry Styles is going to read a bedtime story in his pajamas. He’s going to appear on a popular BBC children’s show reading ‘In Every House, on Every Street.’ The bedtime story is set for May 23rd.


The Jonas brothers and their father are opening a Nellie’s Southern Kitchen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. They say the restaurant will open in June . “Nellie combined music and food into nightly rituals around the table, which forged the tight-knit traditions that the Jonas family continues to this day.”


Drake won $2.6 million betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs and an NBA game. He wagered over $300,000 on two separate hockey games and the Suns’ Game 7 against the Mavericks. Drake correctly picked the Rangers to beat the Penguins and the Flames to beat the Stars. He then picked the Mavericks to upset the Suns.