The ‘This Is Us’ Series Finale was last night. What did YOU think of it? I had to quit watching after season 1. I didn’t want a designated cry fest for one hour every week. That’s what therapy’s for. Anyway…


MANDY MOORE revealed that they started shooting the series finale of “This Is Us” three years ago, because the young kids were growing up too fast.


Mandy MooreMeghan Trainor, and Ashley Tisdale are part of a “cool mom club” organized by Hilary Duff.  Mandy says, quote, “It’s so much fun.  I’m very, very grateful to have those resources and just incredible women to be able to lean on.”


Testimony was heard from a bigwig at Warner Brothers yesterday, who said that AMBER HEARD’s role in “Aquaman 2” was NOT reduced because of her issues with JOHNNY DEPP, but because she lacked chemistry with JASON MOMOA.


“Top Gun: Maverick” is expected to make over $100 million this weekend during its opening weekend


SAMUEL L. JACKSON is joining CHRIS PRATT in an upcoming animated “Garfield” movie.  He will be voicing Garfield’s dad Vic.  If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone.  He’s a new character.


WILL SMITH explained on DAVID LETTERMAN’s Netflix show why he doesn’t curse in his raps.  When he was young, his grandma told him, quote, “Truly intelligent people do not have to use words like these to express themselves.  Please show the world that you’re as smart as we think you are.”

(Remember, this interview was taped BEFORE the Oscars.  Here’s a link to the Letterman Netflix show.)


A show that SETH GREEN was developing is on hold right now because it was supposed to be based on an NFT he bought . . . and someone stole the NFT and re-sold it.  Seth is trying to work this out with the new owner.


Former NFL player Brendan Langley got into a fight with an airline employee at Newark Airport, and Alec Baldwin used it as an opportunity to make a statement about workplace safety.  He probably should have sat this one out.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  You can see the original video here.)


KIM KARDASHIAN is teaming up with Beyond Meat as their Chief Taste Consultant. You’ll notice, however, that the burger Kim is “chewing” doesn’t even have a bite taken out of it. And she appears to be fake-chewing throughout the video.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN is adamant that her nose job is the only surgical procedure she’s had.  But the plastic surgery rumors are less offensive to her than getting the constant comparisons to her sisters or her younger self.

(Profanity Warning: You can Listen to Khloe’s comments here, from 50:24 to 51:58, but there’s an F-bomb at 50:29.)