Not surprisingly, BILL COSBY thinks R. KELLY was “railroaded”, and both men are victims of, quote, “an assault on successful black men who are doing great things.”


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm, there’s going to be a “Star Wars” action figure of GEORGE LUCAS dressed as a stormtrooper.


JAKE GYLLENHAAL auditioned for OWEN WILSON’s role in “Zoolander”.


Season 11 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” kicks off October 24th.


Jesse Palmer has been hired as the new host of ”The Bachelor”. He appeared on the show in season five and has also worked as an ESPN sports commentator and a Good Morning America contributor.


NBC is rebooting the original Law & Order series. The show was canceled in May 2010 at the end of its 20th season.


NICK CANNON upped the ante in his prank war with KEVIN HART, by putting a huge wrap of himself on Kevin’s private jet.  Kevin appeared on Nick’s new talk show and admitted defeat . . . for now.


SHAQ did a DJ set as his alter ego DJ Diesel at the Lost Lands Festival in Ohio this past weekend after which he attempted his first STAGE DIVE.


Cops in Florida gave BAM MARGERA an escort to his court-ordered rehab.  Will this one work?


Next Monday night is Britney Spears Night on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Obviously, everyone’s dancing to a Britney song . . . because why not exploit her . . . while sending the message that you’re against exploiting her?


Britney Spears took to Instagram yesterday to announce that she and her fiance, Sam Asghari, had a baby. She was holding a baby doll and captioned the shot with: “Exclusive! We had a baby, what should we name her?”


RIHANNA says it’s hard for her to accept that she’s a billionaire now because she never forgets her humble beginnings.  For every dollar she makes, she wants to give back, to help and inspire others.


This clip of a woman ordering pizza as SHAKIRA is pretty spot-on.