Vine Faith in Action and a Mankato City Council member are inviting veterans and their spouses to enjoy a day on the lake at the home of Mark Frost and his wife Jennifer.

Frost said they’ve done it for the past 15 years, but this is just the second time it’s been focused on veterans. “They can wear their Speedos, their bikinis, they can whatever they want to do, have a good time. We have Jet Ski, we have a pontoon out there. We have a speedboat but most of them don’t want to go on that; they’d much rather be on the pontoon or the Jet Ski,” Frost said.

Vine officials say the veterans day trip costs $10, and that includes lunch, activities, and transportation. Frost explained, “They haul everybody out there on a bus so they are all together and then they haul them back. It is a lot of fun.”

Frost said over the years they’ve had wonderful and sometimes moving experiences while hosting the event and, “We had a lady crying on the pontoon one time because she said that her and her husband had always worked on a lake down in Arkansas and they wanted to get a pontoon at some point in time and somehow, whatever happened, he passed away. She said she just loved being on the pontoon for that reason, just to remember her husband.”

The trip is on Monday. It was made possible by grant funding from Veterand4Veterans Trust.