Quitting smoking continues to be one of the most-popular New Year’s resolutions.

Mike Sheldon of Clear-Way Minnesota, which operates the free Quit-plan Services program, said making a concrete plan is often more successful and suggested, “Commit yourself to picking a quit-date, give yourself a few weeks to prepare, and treat it with the same level of importance as other life-changing events.”

Sheldon added, “Getting support from people who’ve been in your shoes—or a trained coach or counselor—can help motivate you.”

It can also be helpful to avoid certain places or activities while trying to quit. Sheldon said, “Identifying the triggers that make you want to light-up is also an important step, which is why creating distractions or substitutes can help you overcome your cravings.  And, remember that you’ll be saving money, starting with your first day of being tobacco-free.”

The Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey shows that more than half of those who smoke every day have attempted to quit for at least one day. More quit tips and resources are available at quitplan.com.