The news that a St. Peter Motel will transition into a new emergency homeless shelter after a local ministry purchased the property and donated it to Partners for Affordable Housing has caused a bit of confusion and some panic.

Partners for Affordable Housing Executive Director Jen Theneman.

Executive Director Jen Theneman said many mistakenly understood that the motel was shutting down immediately. “Just the change of ownership happened, otherwise it’s business as normal,” she explained, “We’ll be operating as a motel for the foreseeable future. We have onsite resident managers that have been there for many, many years and they are continuing to be there and supporting guests.”

Theneman said the switch to a shelter won’t take place until late this year or early next because, “We’re hoping, in the future, to raise money to convert it into a shelter. Until then the guests that are staying there will continue to stay there, reservations that we have through the end of the year we’ll absolutely be honoring.”

The Christian ministry purchased the property on June 5 through a partnership with Greater Mankato Area United Way and immediately donated it to Partners for Affordable Housing and Theneman called it, “A wonderful blessing. We do get calls in Mankato for residents around that St. Peter area so it’s really lovely that we will have another option for people in the future.

The ministry prefers to remain anonymous.